Hot Springs, Arkansas meat packing company offers hickory-smoked sausage products under the
Hot Springs Packing Company offers hickory-smoked sausage products, deli meats and hams.

Hot Springs Packing is a U.S. Department of Agriculture federally inspected meat processing facility.Quality Assurance Guarantee

At Hot Springs Packing Company, our high quality control and service standards ensure that you will receive the finest in distinctive sausage and meat products.

Hot Springs Packing is a United States Department of Agriculture federally inspected meat processing facility and has a resident federal inspector on the premises at all times.

Our tradition and high quality assurance insures that only the best ingredients and state of the art procedures are used in our products.

In addition, we are also inspected annually by the American Institute of Bakeries. Hot Springs Packing Company has been rated "SUPERIOR" for the last 10 consecutive years.

Careful ingredient selection mixed with just the right touch of seasoning make our high quality meats a tasty attraction to your customers. That means more profits for you!
You'll love how our delicious Polish Sausage and Polish & Cheddar Sausage sells! And your customers will clamor for "Ole Ike" Hot Link Sausage!

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